Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Love LA!

I took a lovely little trip to LA this weekend for my friend Holly's wedding. It was a great excuse to go "home" and see my family of friends that I miss so much. It was a busy weekend, though I don't recall doing very much. I was just happy to be with my peeps. Since I've only been gone for 2 months, it didn't really feel like I ever left. Sure, there were a few new faces and some old ones gone, but for the most part, it was just like being home. We slid right back into our comfy relationships and picked up where we left off (including Jim's rudeness on Friday night). I learned a few things from this trip...I'm really happy in Portland and I miss LA. Despite what my friends think, they will never be replaced...they are truly irreplaceable. Since most of my blogging has been dedicated to my adventures in Portland, here are a few things I miss about LA:

1. My great group of friends.

2. My local food joints (especially the vegetarian burrito from Eduardo's).

3. Taking 5 freeways to get somewhere.

4. Spa Days with the girls (and the great gossip fest 2007 on the way to Claremont).

5. My school peeps (and my work peeps who, regretfully, are not pictured).

6. Late night rendezvous at the grocery store (I especially love Emily's look of disdain in this picture).

7. Having guy friends.

8. Having human contact.

9. Being ridiculous.

10. Being around people who know you well enough that they can create an exact replica of you or any of our friends (except Emily) on the Wii.

See if you can figure out who is who :)

There are many other things that I miss about LA, many of which I'm sure will start to become more apparent the longer I'm away. There is one thing, though, that I can categorically say I do not miss: LA Traffic (which turned a 1 hour drive to Claremont into a 2 1/2 hour torture fest for Kami in Friday night traffic and almost made me miss my friend's wedding on Saturday - though Alan is convinced that I get some sort of thrill out of always being late...perhaps I'll start to miss the traffic after all).


Emily said...

Awwwwwww....we miss you already!! And FYI, my Mii has had two more rounds of plastic surgery since you left and still looks nothing like me. What is wrong with my face that makes this such a problem?

i'm courtney said...

I'm glad to see you girls taking advantage of the Forester home's final transformation into a full-service day spa. It's been years in the making (Tyler marrying a massage therapist was all part of the plot). What do you think we should call the place?

gamine said...

I love the Wii-You! (of course it's the first one shown above, right?) Totally looks like you. I remember moving to DC and not being close enough friends with anyone at first to have hugs. It's a weird feeling. I wish I was there so I could give you a hug!!!

ginny said...

Blasted LA traffic!! For a moment there, I thought we had a shot at reclaiming you.

Anna said...

:) i wish I was one of your LA peeps! I know which Wii person you are! Oh and i have another blog...but its for my art! you can look at it. Its the Bradley Academy one.

Shaun R. said...

Thanks for reminding of all the great people in LA. You reminded me how fun it will be to see them all next month when I move back. Unfortunately, you also reminded me how much I hate LA traffic.

cheyney webb said...

We miss L.A. too and are jealous of your weekend rendezvous. I love the Mii peeps and can guess them all except one. I would love to see one of Ryan with cowlicks in his hair! Big hugs to you!

Emily said...

which one can't you guess, Cheyney? I bet it's mine, huh?

jbeany said...

I LOVE the Mii's!!!!!! I have a Mii posting ready to post, but you beat me to it, dang it. I just might post it anyway because they make me so happy.

I miss you like crazy already! I went over to your old apartment on Sunday and played Catan. It was super fun, but not as fun as if you had been there. Love you! Come back soon!