Friday, September 28, 2007

Solo Mission Accomplished

I did it! I finally did it! For years it has been a goal of mine to go to a movie by myself. I'm not sure how it made it on to my list of things to do, but in my mind, going to a movie by myself was some mark of maturity and independence and a sign that I had overcome my lifelong fear of being alone. A few weeks ago I set my expectations a little high and I tried to go to a concert by myself. Built to Spill was coming to town and I couldn't round up anyone to go with me, but I was dying to see them since I had missed them every other time they'd been touring in my area and I heard they put on a really great show. So, I bought my ticket, tried to convince everyone I knew that I was ok with going on my own and I wasn't feeling lonely, and mentally prepared myself to go solo. At the last minute my roommate decided to come with me. Mission thwarted. I was at the same time relieved and disappointed. But, the experience made me realize that perhaps I was setting my sights too high and that I should start with something a little more a movie, which was the actual task on the to-do list.

So tonight, I finally accomplished my mission. For about a month I've been wanting to see the movie Once, a film about some singer/songwriters who find love and romance on the streets of Dublin. I couldn't find anyone else who was interested in seeing the movie (or venturing past the comforts of the local megaplex) so I decided to go on my own. I must admit that I didn't try hard to find any fellow movie-goers since I saw this as my golden opportunity to fulfill my life long goal. The movie was playing at the Fox Tower downtown - a local theater that plays mostly independent films and appeared to be the perfect setting for my first solo movie. The Fates were on my side and my timing was somehow perfect (which it almost never is) and I arrived, found parking right outside the building, purchased my ticket, and found my seat just as the lights were going down and the previews were beginning. I must admit it was a delightful experience, and not that much different than going to see a movie with a bunch of friends. Movies are not particularly interactive events. It wasn't nearly as scary or awkward as I thought it might be. I might even dare say that it was liberating. Mostly liberating me from my fears of being being alone and more so from my fears of being judged for being alone in a movie theater. In a recent re-run of Heavy Petting and the City Charlotte questions Carrie for going to a movie by herself on "date night". Tonight, I can finally relate to Carrie as she said, "The city is my date." I thoroughly enjoyed the experience AND the's a must see.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday is a Special Day

My new favorite day of the week is Thursday. I've always had a special liking for Thursday, but today, it is officially my favorite day. This week I switched to working 4 10-hour days a week (rather than 5 8-hour days) and I get Thursdays off. "Wouldn't you prefer to have Friday?" you might ask. Yes, Friday would be nice...I've always dreamed of having a 3 day weekend every week (one day for getting stuff done, one day for playing, and one day for resting/worshiping). But, the reason I was able to get the compressed schedule is because we are having space issues at work. And the space issue is on Thursday, so that's the day I get off.

But, I'm not complaining! I think I might even like Thursday better than Friday. It's a day that very few people have off, so I can have lots of "me" time and plan my day however I want. If I decide to take a "long weekend" and go somewhere fun, I can actually leave on Wednesday night, get a 4 day weekend and only take one day off work. And now Friday is sort of an afterthought for I forgot I wasn't done and pop back in for the day before having another few days off (we'll see how I actually feel about that tomorrow).

So, for my first Thursday really was quite delightful. I got to play the housewife this morning and be at home when the Directv guy came (the dish is now in it's proper place, the homeowner's association can get off our backs, and we can record multiple shows at the same time - phew! Just in time for the debacle that would have been Grey's Anatomy vs. The Office tonight). While the Directv guy was here, I got loads of stuff done around the house (cleaning, laundry, budgeting, organizing) and then I went out and ran some errands, did some window shopping, talked with a girlfriend, and got a Jamba Juice (all of which are some of my favorite activities). Plus, the weather was amazing, bright and sunny with a little bit of fall in the air. Perfect for a day of driving around with the windows down and perusing the outdoor mall. It sort of made me look forward to the day when I get to be a real housewife! Of course then I'll have babies to look after and it won't be quite so peaceful and relaxing...nor so productive.

After I got all of my "business" done, I met up with some friends to celebrate little Gabe's 21st birthday at Fuji's (a Benihana like restaurant...fitting for a pre-office premiere activity, don't you think?). Gabe is my favorite new little friend. I call him little not because he's necessarily little in stature...I mean, who am I to talk? But he's just young, cute, surprisingly funny and has great taste in music. I'm not publically confessing a crush, he's just very endearing, like a little brother (though don't tell him I said that because I know it's like the kiss of death for guys). After the b-day dinner we all gathered back at my place for some cake (leisurely purchased while running errands today) and The Office Premiere (which was SO hilarious if you haven't seen it yet).

So, I was able to get a bunch of stuff done, have some fun with friends, and still get to bed at a reasonable hour (sort of). Andria pointed out that it's a perfect P-day (preparation day for all of you non-mo mos). I can use the day to get ready for Saturday (thus giving it it's special day status), it's relaxing, and I won't throw off my sleep schedule by staying up and partying all night since I have to be to work again the next day. Then I can spend all day Saturday playing and all day Sunday resting and doing church stuff. I'm so excited for the extra 10 consecutive hours I'll have in my life!! The possibilities abound!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Peeping Tom

I think I might have a problem. The DSM-IV might call me a voyeur. The layperson might call me a peeping Tom. Though, both of those connote viewing sexual things. That's not what I'm into...but I've recently discovered that I like peeping. I realized this today when I discovered Blogger Play. It's essentially a slideshow of all the photos being uploaded to blogger on people's blogs. And it's amazing. I can't tear myself away. There are cute babies, travel photos, paintings, crafts, beautiful scenery, and just random shots of people. It's fun to watch and get a glimpse of what people think is important enough to share with others. I also like imagining who these strangers are, what they are like, and what the heck they are smiling about. The pictures are sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving, and sometimes totally boring. But putting them together somehow makes them great. Check it out! Like Blogger says, it's "fun, often beautiful, but above all, compelling." You can click on the picture and it will take you to the blog on which it is posted. I like playing a little game where I guess what kind of blog it's going to be and then click on the picture to see how close I am. What do you think about this kid? Any guesses as to the blog this was posted on??

What about this?
Or this?
I think I just really love getting a "snapshot" of someone's life. There was once an exhibit at the Getty that was a collection of old photographs. To this day it remains one of my favorite exhibits ever. I just remember being enthralled by the images. There were collections of photos of people with their cars, people in hats, people in uniform, families, houses, ladies, men, and kids. I had this overwhelming sense of nostalgia and I felt a little like a peeping Tom, getting a glimpse of some moment of happiness or silliness or sadness or seriousness.

So, am I a full blown voyeur? A peeping Tom? Am I alone here? Whether it's lurking on a blog or reading post secret I know there have to be others of you out there who peep. What's the fascination with other people's moments and stories?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Post Script

As if the last post about my place wasn't long enough, here are a few more highlights:

1. I have the most wonderful shower head. I was worried when the landlord took away the super turbo detachable shower head for fear he would replace it with some low pressure excuse for a leaky pipe. But, he pulled through and replaced it with a shower head that might be the best I've ever had in my own home. Perfect water pressure, water distribution, and temperature. It rivals the shower head at the W hotel in New Orleans...yes Amy, I'm serious.

2. My closet window has a shade. I appreciate the warning and will be sure to leave the shade down at all times, not just to protect my privies when I'm changing. Do you think the shade will prevent the sinister sun from fading all of my left shoulders? It will be a blow to my internal organizer to have to start having some of my clothes face the wrong direction in the closet in order to get equal fading.

3. I have tivo again!!!!!! Well, it's not tivo, but the Direct TV DVR, so I'll still miss my little badoop badoop badoop, but at least I won't have to watch commercials anymore. And, my social schedule will no longer be determined by when my favorite shows are on. And, I won't have to flip through endless channels of ridiculous programming. And, I can start watching more ridiculous programming. And...well, you get the point. The other bonus is that both of my roommates like to watch TV, so I won't ever have to feel like a lazy bum when I plop down on the couch for some relaxation.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Home Again, Home Again...

So, this is the post you've all been waiting for! I have finally moved into my new place! It has been a very lengthy and chaotic transition and in an effort to be brief, I’ll spare you the story. But, it was a process that took several weeks, lots of strength, and many many flights of stairs. I've been here for just over a week, and so far, here are the highlights:
This is the front of the house

1. I woke up on my first morning to the most beautiful sunrise. My alarm went off around 6:00 am and as usual, I rolled over to hit the snooze, cracking my eyes only enough to see where the alarm is (this last step is only necessary because it was a new place, now the motion has become part of my muscle memory and I can do it in my sleep). However, I was so grateful that I had to open my eyes because as I was searching for the alarm, I beheld the most beautiful sunrise out my bedroom windows. I’m the luckiest girl in the world! Who gets to wake up to a beautiful sunrise while laying in bed every morning??

2. I LOVE my closet!! It is one of those built in thingamajiggers and is amazing. It is the closet my clothes have been waiting for. I downsized the wardrobe quite a bit with all of my garage saleing earlier this year, and so everything fits just about perfectly (though I had to get rid of a few more things…but it was time for them to go). I could stand a little more room for the shoes, but other than that, it’s perfect. I can now sell the dresser I’ve been dragging around for the last 7 years. The best part of the closet…it has a window!!

This is only one side. On the left there is a whole other

rack for clothes and on the right is a window!

3. I have a neighbor with a pig. Yes, a pig. She walks it on a leash.

4. I painted my room the most delightful color. It is bright blue…very cheery, bright, and soothing. I’m hoping it will trick my psyche into thinking that it’s sunny every day and stave off the mid-winter “blues” brought on by weeks of not seeing the sun.

Please excuse the mess...I haven't fully unpacked the bedroom yet.

5. Our house backs up to a wooded area so we have a beautiful green view and lots of forest animals for neighbors. Yesterday my roommate said she saw a deer and her baby fawn outside her bedroom window!

6. I have already had houseguests. This house seems to be perfect for entertaining and I can't wait for you all to come and visit. We still need a kitchen table and are not entirely moved in, but we learned this week that it doesn't really matter. Come see us soon!

So…Come here often?

I stopped by Chipotle today on my way home for some eats. I was having the sweaty shakes (though that’s neither here nor there). As I was getting my coke, the friendly Chipotle worker (let’s call him Louis) says, “You eat here every night!” I protested. He replied, “well [and thought pensively for a moment] at least 2 times a week.” This is true. I could not protest. I tried to make it less embarrassing that I eat at the same fast food place at least twice a week by telling him that I’m from Colorado and I used to go to the original Chipotle on Evan’s Street. But, that only made it worse. How embarrassing!

Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of being a regular. I just envisioned being a regular at a place more like a Cheers or a Monk’s, not a fast food joint where I always get a vegetarian burrito bowl to go and then eat it at home while watching Seinfeld re-runs.

And, in other embarrassing news, on my way home from Chipotle, a cute boy caught me smelling my armpits in my car. What have I become???

My Apologies

I want to issue a formal apology for the lack of blogging for the last two weeks. It may be that no one really cares, but for those who do read, and have been disappointed by the silence, I am sorry. I moved to my new place last week (there will be more blogging about this shortly) and we do not have the internet yet. I was unable to pick up any neighbors' signals from my room, but today discovered that I can get the weakest of all signals from some loving soul who didn't put a security code on his wireless connection if I sit downstairs toward the back of the house. Thank you Mr. Ottnetwork. You have saved me. So, prepare yourself for the floodgates of blogging that are about to be opened.