Monday, November 3, 2008

The Vote Didn't Even Get Baracked

You know how a few short months ago I was posting about being a procrastinator? And, how a few short posts before that I was going on and on about being forgetful? Well, those two great weaknesses came together to create what might be my biggest, and in fact only, regret in life.

I cannot vote tomorrow.

I am so ashamed to even write those 4 words. But, it's true. As a world class procrastinator, I sent in my Oregon voter registration form at the last minute of the last hour of the last day to register. I had to specially request that they post mark it for that day or else it wouldn't count. And, in my haste, I forgot to sign the registration form. I got it back in the mail the other day with a big yellow highlighted line where my signature should have been. Since I sent it in so late, I was unable to fix my mistake and send it back in as the deadline had already passed (like 30 seconds after the original mailing). Also, I was too late to request a vote by mail ballot from California. So, I am not able to take part in the most historic election of my 12 years of adulthood.

It's really a shame too. This is the sort of event that I might be telling my grandchildren about years from now. Of course, now Grandma Nay Nay is going to be nothing but a big fraud when she retells her story of how she helped elect the first African American President of the United States of America. Either that, or I have to admit that I didn't vote...gasp! I'm not sure which is worse, being a liar or a non-voter. I'm reluctant to admit that this isn't the first time this has happened. I also didn't vote the first year that I was eligible because I was away at my freshman year of college and didn't get an absentee ballot or make the drive down to the county where I was registered. I tried desperately to make up for it in the following years, as I was a HUGE advocate of voter registration (even going so far as to shame the non-registered girls in my relief society classes and giving a fist pounding speech about registering at the beginning of all of my lessons leading up to the 2004 election. This was before I was RSP).

I have a terrible fear that this joke (sent to me by both Ryan and Courtney) will turn out to be a reality and it will, indeed, be all my fault. Please forgive me in advance (or thank me if you are on the McCain/Palin train).

P.S. It's been raining since I woke up this morning. Hello frizzy hair, soggy shoes, and no power steering. Goodbye glorious Oregon fall with your breathtaking vistas, soft sunshine, and beautiful weather that I never got around to posting about. I will miss you.


Ryan said...

YOU tried Renee and your State will go Obama. so go easy on yourself.

Maybe you can find a friend who isn't voting and pretend you are them today? Is that legal?

Lisa said...

Last year Tim and I were really involved in a local city council election. We spent hours at planning meetings, donated money, and walked neighborhoods while I was eight months pregnant. When our voter cards came, I didn't open them and filed them away so we wouldn't lose them. Turns out we had screwed up our forms and had to redo them. By the time we realized this, it was too late and we weren't able to vote. I totally feel your pain!!

i'm courtney said...

citizens of america, unite for automatic voter registration! avenge poor renee! it's not like the government hasn't ever figured out how to keep lists (remember the draft?).

cheyney webb said...

Dear Granny Nay Nay,

I did the exact same thing in 96 for Clinton. I had a absentee ballot and even fed-exed it too late.

No worries. It all works out.

Grandmother Chey Chey

Brecken said...

LOL reading this. sorry you didn't get to check your mark for your man.

Niles said...

Dear Grandma Labor-Frauenhilfsvereinigung,

I knew it! You and all your long-winded tales about political activism and how it was "back then;" how you had to actually drive to the polling place and stand in what used to be called a "line," and fill out a "ballot." I have always felt so guilty about being able to vote directly over the interconsciousness just by tugging my earlobe. I can't believe you didn't vote! You are a fraud!

Just so you know - as soon as I get done writing this, I'm going to your 790th birthday party and denounce you as a POSER!


Your Granddaughter from the future
Amy Labor-Frauenhilfsvereinigung/Obama-Forester

Noah and Tiffany Garfield said...

Man Renee that totally stinks. It looks like it all worked out in your favor though. :)

Buschfest said...

It was an amazing day in history! At least you have a great story to tell! :)

My Name is Evan said...

Maybe it's just as well. The same thing happened to me at the last election and I didn't get to vote for President. I'll admit I was going to vote for Bush at the time, but since I was a procrastinator and didn't get registered in a timely manner, I can tell my posterity in full honesty that I didn't vote for the man.

So, who knows? Maybe the Obama administration will turn into a complete disaster and we'll all be embarassed about it in the future. Probably not, though. I did vote for Obama this time around.