Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sunny Days Are Here Again

So, I may have been a little premature and overdramatic in my last post. The cold, dark and rainy days really did only last 3 1/2 days and today it returned to the Sunny Portland that I know and love. In fact, Portland's forcast for the week: Wednesday - partly cloudy 78, Thursday - clear 81, Friday - partly cloudy 84. Los Angeles' forcast for the week: Clear 77 every day (good call EvRo). I tried my darndest to put a fancy little picture of the forcasts compared but couldn't manage it and got all bothered in the process (I guess I'm not as advanced in my blogging abilities as I thought). The important thing here is that my sunny days have returned and I have renewed my trust in Oregonians and their alleged "They Were Here First" Summers.

And yes, I am really looking forward to having seasons again. I love seeing the leaves on the trees change in Fall, feeling the crisp air at the first signs of Winter and watching the world come alive in Spring. Mostly I'm excited for seasons so I can keep track of time again! When I think back on memories in LA I find it difficult to place them in time because in every scene I'm wearing short sleaves and it's bright and sunny and 77 degrees outside. I'm excited for my rain jackets and sweaters to give me a reference point by which to organize my life narrative.

Aren't we all glad that life has gotten so exciting that the primary focus of my blogs has become the weather?? Sweet.


Anna said...

you need to help me be a better blogger! you blog about everything! I never know what to write. :)

Molly said...

I too, love the seasons! Fall is my absolute favorite. I don't always leave a comment...but I do always look at/read your blog. Are you visiting L.A. again anytime soon? Vic, Lucy and i will be there Sept.11-16. I keep thinking that I'm going to see you....boo hoo

Evan said...

Not only do I totally agree with the seasons as timestamps, but I HAVE to point out that your posts of late are all very short, but perfectly fun just the same. Just like you. ;)

As one who teases about the length of posts (although I am more guilty than anyone) I just had to cop to the fact that you have reined in your posts to single serving size.