Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What a Feast!

So, I'm having a bit of a cash-flow problem since the major car repairs and signing a new lease (yay, I found a place to live! More on that in upcoming posts). So, I haven't been able to go grocery shopping, yet I still need to eat. I started off the week with $8 in my wallet and have managed to make that $8 last me (with $1 and some change left) for lunch all week (dinners have all been made at home with whatever is in the cupboards...shells and white cheddar, tuna fish, the usual college grub...and have not really worked for left-overs, and we all know how I feel about left-overs). This post is by no means meant to inspire pity or sympathy for the lack of cash. It is merely an expression of my amazement that I have been able to feed myself pretty hardy meals for 3 days on less than $8. Today's meal was by far the best. I went to Costco for some pizza and a coke, which came to a whopping $2.54. I think I may have blogged about Costco pizza and the amazing deal that it is in a previous post...but I'm happy to repeat myself here. Costco pizza is not only delicious, but it is also a nice big fatty piece of pizza that is more than filling enough (plus it reminds me of lunches in DC with Jake and Stubbs at the Costco in Crystal City). And again...what a deal!! Refillable drinks at Costco are only 55 cents!! Where else can you find a refillable fountain coke (the best beverage on the planet) for only 55 cents?? I dare you to find a better deal...I triple dog dare you!


Evan said...

It may not be the fatty goodness of greasy pizza, but you can get a dog and a coke (or that oddly good longenberry drink) at IKEA for 99 cents. Two of those may be almost as filling as the Costco pizza deal. The other obvious alternative is the polish dog at Costco, but that doesn't exactly count since we're talking the same place.

I'm going to try to tap into my vast knowledge of cheap junk food and get back to you.

Dora said...

Congrats on the new place. Will you soon hear the dulcet badoop-badoop-badoop! tones in your place?

Had a veggie burrito from Eduardo's last night and thought of you.

Ryan said...

Pizza is super cheap. Cheap meals I enjoy:
.99 cent cliff bars from Trader Joes
.I'm not a big McDonald's fan like mmm someone but two spicy mcchicken sandwiches with tomatoes added for about $2.60
.I know its not cheap but a turkey and swiss market fresh sandwich with curly fries and a doctor pepper from Arbys will keep you full for two meals easy. $7.30

Also ask some of your clients for the best shelters and garbages in your area.