Thursday, December 20, 2007


A well known fact is that I like games. Just as much as I love games, I love puzzles, especially those involving words...crossword puzzles can keep me occupied for hours. So, you can only image how giddy I get when I find something that combines my love of words, love of puzzles, and my competative nature. That something is Boggle. Yes, that old childhood game has re-emerged as one of my favorite pasttimes. Anytime I hang out with Ariana (which gratefully is more and more often these days) the first words out of my mouth are not, "hi", "how's it going?" or "what's new?" It's usually, "do you want to play boggle?" I'm becoming obessed!! My heart goes pitter patter as those little letters bounce off the plastic cover while someone boggles and another person sits poised to flip over the timer. My adrenaline pumps as I search for words among those 16 little squares. I get really excited when I find words bigger than "bit" and "tin"...words that no one else will get like "lathe" and "merges". I love making fun of Gabe and his totally made up words. I get fired up when his made up words turn out to be real words. I'm not quite a pro at the game yet...not like Ariana. Maybe that's why I like playing so much...I rarely win, but I can feel myself getting close. The other day I got a score of 13! That's my highest yet...but that's average for Ariana who sometimes plays online (she's not as big a nerd as that makes her sound...really). Maybe sometime I'll attain her greatness.

Another game I love, you might call it a cross-addiction, is speed scrabble. I was introduced to the game by my roommates in LA and we could be found for hours sitting around our kitchen table, arranging and rearranging the little letters in front of us in silence except for the occassional "go" and the comparing of big words at the end of the game. I introduced the game to my family last year and brought it back again when I was home over Thanksgiving. I even got Paul into the action (I had no idea he was so competative!). The great thing about it is that you don't really keep score. Each round has a winner, but then you just flip over the pieces and start all over. So, it has an element of competition, but it's the fun kind...not the ugly kind.

Taking a cue from "Dan in Real Life", my roommate Ashley has even turned cross-word puzzles into a competative sport. We've only tried it twice and both have been relative failures since we chose puzzles way beyond out ability level...but I can see how it could potentially be really fun.

So, I hope everyone is getting their word skills honed. I plan to play lots of boggle and speed scrabble on my week off of work for the holidays. Are you ready??


Anna said...

you're so funny. It doesn't take much to get you excited, huh? Everytime, I come home on the weekends, I beg my parents to play Disney Scene it because I know I'll beat dad though Jaws was a disney movie! My mom just shouts 101 Dalmatians all the time.

Ryan said...

Do you still love sidoku? We're hardcore Apples to Apples out here, with eplorations into Rummikub. Competing against you Renee is one of life's great pleasures.

Miss Molly said...

I am a fellow boggle lover too! LOOK OUT! (not that I'm going to see you anytime soon...but I am THAT competitive. I don't let anyone beat me. Even if they're playing on a different board, in a different state. I WILL win).

Kaydi Rae said...

you have no idea how happy this makes me!!! boggle and scrabble are my two all time favorite games, and I play to win! I can hardly wait!

Sara said...

So we have this new friend in the LA1st ward named Chris. I'm not sure if you've ever met him (yet). I once said that we need to get more games to play for our frequent hang-outs. He said that he prefers more organic forms of interaction. Since then, the use of the word "organic" has increased a great deal within our circle. Later, I told him that I didn't get to play games much as a kid because I'm an only child. I win! We played a card game that night.

PS... can't wait to see you!! xoxo

Rachel said...

A girl after my own heart. We LOVE Boggle and Scrabble around here. We love to self-proclaim ourselves as word snobs.

I finally had Adam add you to our blogroll. Hope things are going well for you Renee. Happy 2008!!!