Sunday, December 9, 2007

Feliz Navidad Indeed

With Christmas music and the smell of fresh baked cookies filling my house, I traipsed down the stairs this morning to put a new batch of cookies in the oven. I'm not sure you can imagine my excitement when I noticed out the back window the small white flakes slowly falling to the ground. I ran to the window like a little child and stood there watching the snow fall, glee filling my heart. I love the snow.

I'm not sure why I love it so much. I think it's partially because it reminds me of home and family. It's also beautiful and peaceful. It means snowboarding and snowball fights and snowcaves and snow angels and snow days. I doubt this snowfall will accumulate enough to actually mean any of those things, but it makes me terribly happy nonetheless.

I'm especially happy to be living in a place where it snows again, even if it's not much. For the 4 years that I lived in LA I had a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. The streets would be decorated and Christmas music was being played everywhere, just as it does in the rest of the US around this time of year. We even had a Christmas tree in our house most years. But, the sunny skies and balmy 65 - 75 degree weather always threw me off. It felt like fake Christmas. Like I was driving on a movie set and they hadn't brought the snow makers in yet. It just didn't feel right.

So, with the brisk winter air, the need for bundling up when leaving the house, the occasional snowfall, and the customary Christmas music and decorations, I'm certainly getting into the season this year. And, I'm really looking forward to going home to Colorado...the place that feels the most like Christmas to me. Feliz Navidad!


Anna Labor said...

Snow makes me happy too! We just got 3 inches last week!!

The Busch Family said...

Does this mean you are coming home for Christmas?!?! I hope so!! We have had tons of snow! :)

ginny said...

Oh my finally! Thanks for the new post. And although the weather here in LA is near perfect today, I am jealous of your three extra seasons. Enjoy the snow.

Miss Molly said...

You can take some of the extra snow and cold we have in Park City. Yikes! I JUST LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! And I love reading about other people's love for it too! It makes me love it more!

MaMaMaMandy said...


I feel the same way about AZ for Christmas...the warm weather does trip me out. Glad to be able to go to Colorado for Christmas too- can't wait to see my breath in the air and smell the Christmas trees and enjoy the cold.

Rachel said...

I know exactly how you feel, Renee. Utah is a welcomed winter contrast from Las Vegas. We are giddy every morning, and people think we're weird, but we don't care. We're soaking up as much as we can before moving back.

Oh yeah--you're NOT the "friend" that I didn't like...I'm sure it will only take one guess at who the CO visiting friend was. :) I'm making Adam add you to our blogroll today. Merry Christmas!!!