Monday, March 31, 2008

what would you do for a renee dollar?

Anyone who knows me (which I assume is the case if you are reading this blog...but perhaps that's a mistaken assumption) knows that I:

1) Love a good competition and
2) Will do almost* anything for money.

My darling friends realized these two great things about me and threw a birthday party that was perfectly suited for me. Following a delicious dinner at Salvador Mali's, we headed to our place for the festivities which involved playing, "What would you do for a dollar?"

The Rules:
1. Everyone gets 5 Renee Bucks
2. Challenge people to do stuff for money
3. Be WILD and creative
4. Whoever has the most money at the end of the night wins the BIG PRIZE (a date with me).

So, what would you do for a dollar?

Ethan ate an entire jar of pickles.
I drank the juice.
Ashley told everyone that she's a Wild Succulent Woman (so did Russ).
Jeff Kissed me (on the lips).
Laurie shook her booty (among other things).
I pinned someone up against the wall with my bum for 5 seconds without saying anything.
Jessica bit some guy's arm.
Ethan crawled through people's legs.
Gabe tried (unsuccessfully) to grope Peter, but Ethan gladly let him.
Jeff made butt to butt contact with everyone in the room.
Mega Mike flew me.
Gabe bit people's calves.
I stripped*.
Laura sang one for the cougs.
Ariana caught olives in her mouth.
I did the worm.
Kevin stood on his hands.
Andy drank the sickest thing I could ever imagine.
I shimmied.

I learned two things:
1) I have no shame.
2) Maybe I should develop some.

Many brave and embarrassing acts were performed for fake money that night and it made for a delightful party. Big thanks go out to everyone (especially Laurie) for leaving their inhibition at the door. Thanks for such a great party and for helping me get the 30th b-day celebrations off to a great start!!

Here are some pics of the birthday dinner and a few of the party (unfortunately the camera didn't catch most of the hilarity).

*All previously established standards of modesty and propriety were kept.


Amy said...

Hilarious! I can't think of a better and more fitting birthday party for you! So, who won? Also, I don't see the pix...

Emily said...

sounds like a blast!! I wish I could have been there! You'll have to give me a challenge when I come visit so I can earn some Renee bucks of my own.

Jilly Bean said...

So much fun! Happy and your mid-air poses!

Miss Molly said...

THAT sounds like an amazing party!!!! I LOVE the idea. So creative! Happy, Happy Birthday, Renee. You are a great woman! Er.. young lady.

Kim & Byron said...

Happy 30th!!! I'm so glad you met Oregonians with as little inhibition as you!!! I also love the new (?) look of your blog--VERY CUTE!!

Lisa said...

Happy 30th Renee!! Today I would sell two kids for a Renee dollar. Any takers???

Ryan said...

Happy Birthday!

Evan said...

Happy Birthday Renee!! Sorry to have missed it.

"All previously established standards of modesty and propriety were kept.

It's a good thing that we know that those standards of modesty and propriety were previously established pretty low or else I would have thought it was a lame party. ;)

Jeni said...

Okay, I'm kind of jealous. I should have totally been there. What a fun brithday. And I love that game idea. I think I'm might just still it for future parties.

Brecken said...

LOL, that is hilarious! I would do many great and crazy things for a Renee dollar...your friends are so funny. You look fabulous in all your pictures! Can you believe we're 30! Welcome to the club. London pointed to my forehead the other day and asked me what the lines on my head were....nice. Lucky for you , you don't have them. Happy birthday!

Allison said...

Holy crap. Besides my own parties, I think that's the best idea of a party I've ever heard. Kudos to you and your friends for being game for whatever. I'm trying to think of what Ted would have done... He's become less inhibited the longer he's been with me. Maybe in a few years he'll put you over his knee and spank your bum whilst singing "Funkytown". Liking that image...

The Busch Family said...

Renee - I am so sorry to have missed your b-day, with Mya having her surgery! I love you and hope it was a great day! Sounds like you had fun at least! :) Where were those parties when we were cruisin' 120th or Riverdale? I am with Evan on the modesty thing, you were part of my little "cleav" club back in the day! Love you!