Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 1

I've been in Colorado for over 24 hours now...28 hours to be exact. I thought I'd give you a list of the highlights and lowlights of Day 1 in Denver.

1. Seeing and hugging my family and best friends and knowing I'll get to do it all the time.
2. My family's excitement and enthusiasm about me being here (I didn't even have time to put my shoes on before my mom yanked me out of the car and started dancing and singing with me in the driveway when we arrived).
3. Fantastic road trip with Scott.
4. The ease of the loading and unloading (and unloading some more) of my stuff.
5. The generosity of my family and friend who helped with the move.
6. Nobody actually broke their knee on the hitch that stuck out the back of the Uhaul truck (but dang does that smart when you hit it).
7. It was 67 degrees today.
8. Alice letting me stay with her in her ADORABLE house in the most ADORABLE neighborhood for a few months while I get settled and situated.
9. There is a Chipotle a block from my house and another one a block from work...significant sign that this move was meant to be.
10. Along with Chipotle, there is the cutest little strip of stores, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops just a block away from where I'm living. It reminds me of downtown Bend, OR.
11. Drinking my first cup of hot chocolate with Alice in her living room while listening to Santa Wars on This American Life and laughing until we cry. I know this moment will repeat itself in various forms over the next few months and that makes me endlessly giddy.
12. Having wireless that works so I can actually blog about Day 1!

1. Missing my friends in Oregon.
2. Not being able to finish my morning pee before my mom and sister burst through the bathroom door screaming "YAY" to let me know how excited they are that I'm here (and awake).
3. Pumping my own gas.
4. Sales tax.
5. Crusty bugers
6. Chapped lips
7. The constant need for lotioning
8. Sleeping on just my mattress because my box spring doesn't fit up the stairs to my room.
9. All of the new positions I'm going to have to learn in order to effectively bathe in Alice's teeny tiny shower.
10. Missing my friends in Oregon...did I say that twice? Well, that's how much I miss them!

I think I'll stay.


Amy said...

Welcome to Denver! I am excited to hear about all the new adventures in this chapter of your life. I know it will be great, you will light up the city, just like you do wherever you go!

Love you, girlie!

Kaydi Rae said...

I'm happy you made it. I'm sad you're not here. Come back and visit soon. pretty please.

Brecken said...

Yay!!! you made it. I couldn't be more pleased with your arrival. I will actually get to see you more than once a year! let's get together soon!

Emily said...

Congrats!! I can't wait to hear about the wild ride that ensues in Colorado. I will have to come visit sometime!

cheyney webb said...

Hooray. Denver sounds great. I am so glad you made it safely. I love that your family walks in on you in the bathroom.

Ryan said...

telll your family and friends there that they have to treat you like you live far away every day. you deserve it.

Sara said...

I'm not sure if congrats are in order, but congrats you get! Can't wait to see you in March, is it?

Yer Dear Ol' Dad said...

Cost of Gas for Moving truck:
Cost of Dinner for family after moving
Cost of storing your "grade school" books and other paraphanalia in Family Garage:

Brittany said...

When I saw your fam at Brocks farewell they had mentioned you might be moving back to Colorado! Hooray! Hopefully I'll get to see you more often!

Buschfest said...

I am so happy I got one of the first Colorado hugs in!!! I love having you here in CO, and getting texts, so keep them coming and let's do lunch someday VERY soon! YAY!

Miss Molly said...

I've been thinking....

I miss you.