Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I never get specifically tagged. And I always feel too self conscious to respond to any of those "if you feel like doing it then consider yourself tagged" tags. But, I've been tagged. And you're all about to be ridiculously grateful that I was because now you're privy to this little gem:

This is a picture of 63 and Larry taken on the DC metro last winter as we were gallivanting around the city before Shawn Lindseth's nuptials. I'll let the picture speak for itself.

Here's how it works: go to the pictures folder on your computer, go to the sixth file, go to the sixth picture, post it, then tag 6 people. I can't narrow down the list of those to tag. So, I'm just gonna put it out to all of you (even though I hate when people do that). I am not sure if anyone even reads this anymore since I almost never post. But...if you do...here's your chance to prove it!!


Sara said...

Of course we read your blog, dork! (Google Reader is kind enough to inform me, so I don't have to check back all the time and find a disappointingly low number of posts. Aren't you lucky?)

Jim said...

Well, Sara might, but I don't. I stopped reading everyone's blog 8 months ago. Absolutely no reading and for heavens sake no posting on my own blog. I've hired a Sherpa to do it for me. I've also considered hiring a Sherpa to start reading blogs for me, cause I'm just way to busy.

Rowboat said...

yay you're blogging! i need more renee juice. ummmm...i mean please blog more.

jbeany said...

I read I read! But I've been slacking lately... I'm going to take your challenge. :)