Thursday, March 12, 2009

a month (or so) in review

So, I've been in Denver for a month now (well, it was a month when I started this it's been almost two!). Can you believe it's been that long? I'm experiencing another one of those bizarre h'd up time warp things where I simultaneously feel like I've just arrived and like I've been here forever. Those always trip me out.

Anyway, my time here so far has been fantastic. It's been one of the easier moves I've ever made and the transition into my new life has been relatively seamless. Maybe it's because it's home...but it's been an incredibly comfortable and comforting change for me.'s my month (or so) in review:

1. I've already been snowboarding twice and was immediately reminded of the FACT that Colorado has the best snow on earth. Utahans might claim it on their license plates, but it's a bald faced lie. (ok, in an effort to reduce my hyperbole I'll say that Colorado has the best snow in the US, since I haven't technically participated in snow sports outside of the contiguous 48. And, if I'm being truly honest...I can only speak to the fact that we have the best snow out of the following states: Colorado, Utah, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, California, and people even snowboard in other states?). Rather than turn this into a battleground over something completely ridiculous, I'll just say that we had a fabulous time and show you these pictures to prove it:

I've also rekindled my long lost love of cheetos since returning to Denver...YUM!

I can't wait until I can get a summit pass next year!!

2. I love living with my long-time BF Shammy. The space is fun-sized, just like me, so likely won't be a permanent situation, but I have LOVED sharing space, having long chats, enjoying tea time, being with someone who totally gets me and offers incredible support, laughing over fond memories, and making new ones.

3. I've joined a bowling team! Really it's just some of Alice's friends who bowl every Wednesday night and I've wiggled myself into their group. I suck, just as I always have, but it's teaching me to be less competitive (which we all know is a hard but important lesson for me to learn). We go to this pretty ghetto bowling alley near our house that seems to be the hot spot for the young and beautiful who are looking for good clean fun. The other night I was up until 1:00 am shopping for bowling shoes and a vintage ball bag on ebay. If I'm going to be a bowler, I'm going to do it in style!

4. I really love my job. I work with an amazing team of people and it's a really great program. It's a bit challenging and I'm learning a lot. I have to tell people "no" (which is really hard for me) and sometimes people don't like me (a product of me telling them no, which is why I don't like to do it). I'm sharpening my clinical skills and getting really good at sniffing out problem people based on meager information. I'm learning a lot about the treatment of PTSD and really enjoy working with these courageous men.

5. I forgot how crazy the weather in Colorado is. First of all, the sun is always shining and is no indication whatsoever of the temperature outside. Also, on several occasions, it has gone from being 60-70 degrees one day to 20-30 then next. That old saying "If you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes" has been used in many states. But, it's never been more true than in Colorado. So far there have been several snowfalls, but also several beautifully warm days. I'm just waiting for our usual March blizzard before I pack up all of my sweaters.

6. Since I was stuck in Portland over the holidays, my family celebrated Christmas in February. We had a fantastic time exchanging presents sans tree and the stress that surrounds the big Christmas dinner. I already received (bought) and used my gift of a new snowboard a couple times before we celebrated Christmas. I also got a wonderfully snuggly blanket from Desiree. The fun thing was actually doing most of my Christmas shopping the day of the about procrastination! Plus, we got spring pajamas instead of the usual winter flannel :)

Here we are with some of our Christmas bootie

7. I had a visitor within my first month of being back. Paul came out for a long weekend over President's Day (unfortunately, we didn't take a single picture). We had a fantastic time being Coloradans - snowboarding, playing frisbee golf, going to the Boulder Film Festival, eating at the greatest Chinese Restaurant on the planet with my fam, and just hanging out. It was so great to get some quality time in with Paul. As you know...I can't wait for more visitors!

8. It's been really great to meet up and hang out with old friends. In some cases, the friendships just slipped right back in as though I'd never left, which I really love. It's great to have an instant network of people who I love and who really know me. There are still some I have yet to see, but it's nice just knowing that they are there!

9. I've been going to the singles ward since I moved back, but in a month I'll be heading to the family ward (which I embrace with a big ol' mixed bag of feelings). I haven't done the best job of making friends who are LDS (since I've already got such a great group of friends) but I'm hoping that will change when I move in with some girls from the ward. I feel like it's really important for me to maintain that social connection. There's lots of awkwardness and loneliness in this department, but that's fodder for another post.

10. Finally, there's goals group. Alice, Lindsay and I have started up a goals group wherein we meet every other week, make yummy food, and help keep each other accountable for our goals. Each group we make 5 short-term goals. At our next group we check up on our progress and for each goal that we didn't accomplish, we put $5 into the pot. Lindsay thinks that at the end of six months we'll be able to go on a trip with all of the money from the pot. I'm not sure if she's overly optimistic or pessimistic, but either way it's a win-win situation. So far I'm 5 for 5!

Anyway...that's my life in review for those who are wondering. I miss all of my Portlanders dearly, but am having a fantastic time here in Colorado! Come visit!!


Ryan said...

great update, despite the jab at my home states snow.We'll always have four corners...who else has that.

Annalisa Labor said...

I must say, people snowboard a ton out here in New Hampshire...with a snow storm once a week, people often go skiing and snowboarding....people at my work go every weekend...


Very happy that you're enjoying Colorado so much! But, I think you're due for a visit in New Hampshire, come when the weather is nice so you can see the true beauty of the New England area.

Evan said...

So how do you feel about the guys who develop "PTSD" just for the money? This is a conversation we need to have.

Brecken said...

So glad to have you here....even though I'm one of those you haven't seen yet. that will change next week! Give me a call so we can work out everything.

Kimi D said...

Let me guess...Heaven Dragon?!?!?

Hopefully I'll see you at Traci Thornton's wedding this weekend and if not, we should chit chat about single LDS life in Denver as I put in a good 18 months effort not too long ago!

Hope to see you soon!

Sara said...

Fodder? haha! You're good at making up words just like me. ;)

Renee said...

fod·der (fŏd'ər) n.
1. Feed for livestock, especially coarsely chopped hay or straw.
2. Raw material, as for artistic creation.
3. A consumable, often inferior item or resource that is in demand and usually abundant supply: romantic novels intended as fodder for the pulp fiction market.
tr.v. fod·dered, fod·der·ing, fod·ders
To feed with fodder.

[Middle English, from Old English fōdor; see pā- in Indo-European roots.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2006 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Peter said...

You say Potato
I say Pototo
You say Colorado*
I say decepcionado
You say you're happy
I say you're sappy
You say 0bama^
I say - yo Mama
Let's call the whole thing off!

*I don't care how good the snow is, if you have to drive 2 freakin hours to go skiing/boarding it ain't worth it.

^Who by the way doesn't have a &%$#^%& clue what the *&#% he's doing and is making things even worse- Cheerio :)

cheyney webb said...

I remember going bowling with you right after our wedding. I liked the last game when we had to do creative throws like spin and throw backwards between your legs.

How smart to have a family February Christmas. Thanks for the birthday wish. Yours is very soon!

P.S. Great poem by Peter!

Rowboat said...

peter cracks me up!
i'm glad you're doing well and are happy and chipper as usual. i miss you though!

Trisha said...

you MUST add me to your friends!