Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday Surprise

"So, what time are we meeting?" I ask.

"We're meeting on the North side of town at 6:00 pm." She replies, with a slight smile.

"What should I wear?"

"Something comfy."

"Like jeans? Or sweats?"

"Ummmm...sweats. I was planning on wearing yoga pants." Keep in mind, Alice wears yoga pants approximately 82% of the time seeing as how she is a yoga instructor and likes to be comfy when she's not being twisty.

My thoughts were racing. I knew my friends were planning a birthday surprise, but I had no idea what it could be. What sort of activity could take place on the North side of town that would require me to wear something comfy?

"Are we going to be in public? Or just by ourselves?"

"In public" she says. I knew that was the end of the curious as I am, I didn't want her to actually give away the surprise.

Rock climbing? Ice skating? Flag football? Capture the flag? Yoga? The possibilities are endless!

Today I get a gchat from Scott in which he tells me, "make sure to bring two pairs of socks!" Ummm...2 pairs of socks? Whiskey tango foxtrot?? That rules out rock climbing and yoga. Also seems a little unnecessary for any sort of activity involving a flag or skating (though, Scott can be a bit of a germaphobe and perhaps the extra pair of socks is for changing into before putting back on my own shoes?). He also tells me to wear a "track suit" which I don't own because I'm not a Russian teenaged hoodlum.

So, dear friends, as a birthday present to me, any ideas about what might be taking place tonight?? Brainstorm!! Be creative!! Closest to the truth (besides those who already know) will win a prize :)


Amy said...

i am thinking it's a combo game of rollerskate flag tag. You need the extra pair of socks to hang from your waist to be grabbed. leave your pom-pom anklets at home.

happy birthday renaked.

Emily said...

Stripper class? They're requesting lots of layers to remove...

Ryan said...

happy birthday!

Sara said...

Experimentation on whether or not socks are indeed lost in the laundry process.

Rad post Ren! (say that three times fast) (when have I ever called you "Ren"?) (it's kind of cute in writing though.) (not sure about outloud.) (what was I saying?)

Love you!

Andria said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm thinking Ice Skating for some reason... Or maybe bowling? Two pairs of socks? I just hope for your sake the second pair of socks is intended to be put on your feet and not used for some other strange purpose.

Happy Birthday again!

cheyney webb said...

I think he said the socks thing to throw you off. I am thinking Lazer Tag.

Happy Birthday. We love you so.

Annalisa Labor said...

Tell us your birthday surprise!!!


MegaPPod said...

Happy Birthday. Maybe strip twister. Sounds like fun.

Rowboat said...

i can't believe megaPpod said strip twister. that's sick. maybe she knows your nickname is renaked. maybe that's why she said it.

HLBTY renee!!!!!!!!!!

jbeany said...

And the winner is?!!!

Sara said...

Twister - germaphobes wouldn't want bare hands or feet to touch the playing surface, so both were sock-covered. Am I right?

I might keep posting guesses every so often if you never tell us what it was.