Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let me count the ways...

Well, I've had another great day in Portland! Work was great...just meeting more people, training, and logisticating. Today I got to meet the Portland Substance Abuse Team and sit in on some groups and classes at the Vancouver VA.

The highlight of the day came after work when I met up with Adam and Eresha for dinner downtown. Adam and Eresha are friends from LA who got married and moved up to Portland about a year ago. Adam works at the VA in Administration (he's one of the guys that showed me around yesterday) and Eresha works for Kaiser. They met at USC when they were both getting their Masters in Hospital Administration (or maybe public health...I forget). Anyway, I am thrilled that they are both up here! They are among my only friends and it's been really great to see some familiar faces! Eresha and Adam are one of those couples that I love because I was friends with both of them before they got they are totally fun to hang out with and it's not weird at all. We had a yummy dinner at Hunan on Broadway which is near Pioneer Square. It was the first time that I've really walked around downtown and again...I fell in love. The city is exactly what I've heard it is...and exactly what I was looking for with this move.

Here is a short list of the things that I love about it so far:

  1. It is a happening city...LOTS of people walking EVERYWHERE!

  2. The streets are narrow and the architecture is the city a very charming feel.

  3. All of the streets are tree lined...again, charming.

  4. I saw no fewer than 3 men wearing kilts (none of which were paired with the usual bag pipes or golden buttoned coats...think soccer jerseys or work boots).

  5. The city had a great energy and was filled with people, but at the same time, some of the major intersections had stop signs...STOP SIGNS!!

I'm sure there will be many more things to add to this list as I explore the city some more. I already feel like I am getting to know my way around and figure out where things are. After dinner, we went to Lake Oswego where Adam and Eresha live. We had some Tillamook ice cream and walked down to the lake where we sat on benches and talked. LO is also a great little town. Cute shops and restaurants, walkable, great big lake with beautiful homes, tree lined streets. If I can't live in Portland, I think I'd like to move there. It's the kind of place that has a real "town" feel. It is hip with lots of things to do and really feels like a community rather than a suburb. All in all a great day! Tomorrow I head down to the Salem VA clinic!! Here are some pics of us by the lake:

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Molly said...

Hey Renee!! I'm so glad to be in touch--even if it's only via the blog. I wanted to tell you how great it was seeing you at Kim and Byron's wedding! I couldn't get over how much fun I had talking with the old gang. I'm so happy for you and your move and the new job. It sounds like things are going so great for you. YAY!!!! Much love to you from me. (