Thursday, February 7, 2008


Before moving to Portland, I was really worried that the winter months would be long and dreary and wet. I won't lie. It's been wet. But, it has been far from long and dreary! This is mostly due to the fact that I've had lots of visitors and have taken a couple of mini-trips since the New Year began. Who knew so many people would want to visit Portland in the winter?? You can read about some of the visitors in the previous post and I'm sure in posts that are to come. Now on to the trips:

In the middle of January, a group of friends from Oregon rented a beach house on the Oregon Coast and had a little weekend getaway. It was so great. It reminded me a little of our beach trips to North Carolina when I lived in DC (except that it was a little chillier, there was no hammock, and no beach houses could ever compare to the places in Duck). What this house did have, was a fantastic hot tub that overlooked our own private little cove.

We spent a lot of time hot tubbin' and hanging around the house. On Saturday, we took a trip into Newport and had a yummy breakfast, walked around the shops, bought some delicious salt water taffy, and visited with the locals. Ignacio took some time to molest a gigantic bear.

After that, we went to check out this great lighthouse.

And then we went to play on the beach.

And of course we jumped. What would a trip be without jumping??

The Oregon Coast is incredibly beautiful with lush greenery, impressive cliffs, and wide beaches. It's not exactly the beach I was used to in LA and it generally requires several more layers of clothing. But, I never cease to be amazed by the mighty Pacific and love spending time near the ocean whenever I can. Hopefully we'll be making a return trip in a few weeks!

The DC trip really deserves a post of its own. Stay tuned!!


Jim said...

That dude is REalLy getting 'friendly' with that huge Teddy Bear...

i'm courtney said...

that close up picture of you and the bear molester is the greatest--you look so cute!

Rachel said...

I'm homesick now!!! In all my worldwide travels, the Oregon Coast continues to be one of my most favorite place. The beauty and lushness is amazing.

Oh, Newport, Lincoln City, Seaside, Cannon, Beverly, and Bella I miss you. Thanks Renee, for bringing these memories back to my mind.

Tiffany Garfield said...

Oh mini-breaks! I want one! Love the jumping picture! Not sure what's going on in the teddy bear one? haha

Miss Molly said...

This makes me wish I was single again! And as far as Kyler is concerned...we performed in Showtime Company at Ricks College together...back in 97-98. GREAT GUY. Vic stayed with him in DC last year when he interviewed for the Foreign Service. Small world indeed!

Amy said...

Next time I come up, we need to go to the coast!