Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Serious Fun on the High Seas

Despite being raised in land-locked Colorado, without an ocean in sight, it turns out I'm a decent deep sea fisherman, or woman if you prefer to be politically correct. I tried my hand at the rod yesterday under the clear blue sky off the Northern Pacific Coast in February. It was an unseasonably beautiful day outside of Depoe Bay. After a number of morning snafus, we finally made it onto the open sea in the early afternoon on the Clark's boat Serious Fun.
(Parenthetically - WARING: I'm about to type an entire paragraph in parentheses - I love boat names. Whenever I'm at a marina my favorite thing to do is read the names of boats. Some people can be SO creative and come up with great names for their sea faring babies. My favorite of all boat names comes from my dad's cousins Bob and Anne. When they were a young married couple, Anne was saving up to buy some rugs for their home. She'd been saving and saving her money. One day, her husband Bob decides to use the money Anne was saving for her rugs and buy a boat instead. Anne was furious, as you might guess! But to compensate, Bob named the boat Anne's Rugs. Cute, eh? I'm not sure it was really enough to make up for the blunder, but I like it nonetheless. And, they've continued to name all of their boats after the first one. I think they are now on Anne's Rugs VI).

So, I started this post over a week ago and had all kinds of clever things to say. But, now I'm bored with it, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, sort of:
Here's Tom chopping up the crab bait...ick.
Me with a fish head. To the left of the picture you can see the crab traps.

Me and Deneal a'fishin' off the side of the boat

Here's my biggest catch! I caught 6 fish, three of which we had to throw back because they were too small. But this guy was gigantic! I had a H of a time getting it into the boat. It's called a Cabazon (never heard of it) and was 25 inches long! I had some serious fishing mojo!!

We caught some serious crabs (in a good way). The crabbing was really fun. I felt like I was on the deadliest catch. Hauling in those pots was hard work! But well worth it...yum yum!!

This might have been the biggest crab we caught. Deneal was manhandling it for about 10 minutes. After posing for this photo she was working on cracking off the top shell, which wasn't working too well. She took a break and turned her head for a moment...

And then this happened! Ouch!

All in all, the high seas were serious fun...seriously.


Megan Griffin said...

Okay so on your boat name comment: when I was a teenager my parents (or dad) decided to get a boat so our family could start enjoying the summers at the lake. I don't know what sort of conversation ensued between the two of them, but my dad ended up naming the boat the "S.S. P.M.S." My mom was mortified. People would always ask why it was named that while we were at the lake and she would reply shortly, "what's it to you?" and then laugh.

i'm courtney said...

that was so gorey! you should have taken her thumb back out on the water and gone chumming for sharks!

Ryan said...

The bloody finger from handling the crab sets up an ideal story for a church talk.

p.s. Courtney, your sick

Rachel said...

Definitely OUCH! I love Depoe Bay. Renee, I am so jealous every time you post a Northwestern-esque entry. I MISS HOME!!!

Oh yeah, on a totally unrelated note--it looks like you are possibly as happy as I am about Steffan taking over 'Sunshine's' blog. :) FINALLY, right?