Saturday, February 2, 2008

Three Way Hug

You've already probably read all about Ryan and Cheyney's visit to Portland at the end of January if you are a regular reader of their blog. They are two of my favorite people and are high on the list of my favorite couples. Aren't they cute??

We had so much fun! I always love it when people come to visit me because it gives me a chance to explore the city. Despite the FREEZING cold temperatures, we went to the Japanese Gardens, which were quite beautiful. They sit up in the west hills and offer amazing views of the city. Once our lips were numb from the cold, we went to get some delicious sushi at my favorite sushi place in Portland (and a regular stop on Miss Renee's Official Tour of Portland...I think I've taken every person who's visited me to this fine establishment.). And, since Mio Sushi sits right in the heart of 23rd, of course we had to do a little shopping...and then get gelato. I've had a bit of a Pavlovian response to eating sushi since I moved to Portland. Since there is a delicious gelato place right around the corner, we started going there for dessert every time we went to get sushi. So now, every time I eat sushi I have a STRONG hankering for some gelato. I'd like to think I'm above conditioned responses...but apparently not. I'm just like Pavlov's salivating dogs.

We finished off the night with a quick trip to Beaverton Bakery for some treats and then an evening with Ryan's brother and his family. They were SO cute...I loved it. We had a delicious dinner and I got a taste of what it's like to have FHE with kids, including a rambunctious 3 year old that needed to be contained within the death grip of his father's thighs at one point. I realized that night that I've really only had FHE with young single adults, or the occasional family with grown children. It taught me a thing or two about the difficulties and joys that can come from families.

The weekend was filled with great company, late night talks, and a whole lot of catching up. It was so fun to reconnect with such great friends! I missed you guys the minute we parted ways! But, I love having visitors! I've had more people come see me in the last 8 months in Portland than I did the whole time in LA...I love it! I'm really looking forward to upcoming visits from Amy this weekend, Kathya and Sylvia later in the month, and Emily in April! If anyone else wants to come up for a visit, my doors are always open!!


i'm courtney said...

ah, lord and lady lindgren--they are the greatest. i hope you got to talk about books and deep private emotional issues.

i love how i could relive my 2 trips to portland through this recounting, since we roughly did the same things--i even visited the gardens when i came up to see matt and gabe (april might be better weather). i think the only tradition i have for visitors to the bay area is a trip to the ferry plaza farmers' market, home cooked sunday dinner using ingredients from said trip, and a walk through the edible schoolyard. apparently i show people a thoroughly old-lady time.

Emily said...

I can't wait for my trip!! I definitely want some sushi and gelato- what a great combo!!!

Cheyney and Ryan Lindgren said...

3 way hug, see how they hug, there is Cheyney and Ryan and Renee. They're hugging as hard as they can... the 3 way hug. That was a little slice of heaven. Thanks for being a great host and giving up your bed.
xoxox cheyney

Ryan said...

Renee it was really so good to see you. I need to call you and get an update. I still don't know where gelato is in Raleigh. But I miss you more than gelato.


Ariana said...

Renee your blogs are so cute, I love them!