Monday, June 11, 2007

Taking Time to Smell the Roses

This weekend we went to the Royal Rosarian Gardens (fancy-schmance talk for the Rose Garden in Portland). It was lovely! A perfect evening to stroll around and smell all of the beautiful roses. Kaydi tried tasting one that smelled just delicious, like honey and oranges...but it tasted more like bitter rose leaves. Amy has my favorite smelling's like a full body smell that starts crouched over toward the flower and ends with the body fully extended and head thrown's wonderful. She truly takes time to smell the roses! We were obsessed with taking pictures of the flowers and I'm hoping to make some cute little greeting cards out of the pix...expect to hear from me soon (if I actually get on the ball and follow through with this crafty inspiration. If you're curious about my abilities to procrastinate crafty ideas...ask cobb, she can tell you a number of doozies).
Our lovely evening at the Rose Garden was followed up by a trip to the Rose Festival Fair which started with a ride on the Kamakazi and ended with a ride on the "BIG SLING". Essentially it is a two person chair connected by bungee cords to a huge tower which launches you hundreds of feet up in the air. You then freefall and then you bounce around for a while...good times. We stood at the base for a bit, debating whether it was worth the $25 each. And, though we calculated that these carnies make roughly $1000 an hour for operating this contraption, we caved to our thrill seeking sides. It was worth every moment of the one minute and fourty second adrenaline pumping launch. I hope my mom isn't reading this. I've almost never seen her so disappointed in me as the time I went bungee jumping without her permission. I wonder how she'd feel about this carnie operated death-trap? I love the fair!

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