Monday, September 10, 2007

So…Come here often?

I stopped by Chipotle today on my way home for some eats. I was having the sweaty shakes (though that’s neither here nor there). As I was getting my coke, the friendly Chipotle worker (let’s call him Louis) says, “You eat here every night!” I protested. He replied, “well [and thought pensively for a moment] at least 2 times a week.” This is true. I could not protest. I tried to make it less embarrassing that I eat at the same fast food place at least twice a week by telling him that I’m from Colorado and I used to go to the original Chipotle on Evan’s Street. But, that only made it worse. How embarrassing!

Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of being a regular. I just envisioned being a regular at a place more like a Cheers or a Monk’s, not a fast food joint where I always get a vegetarian burrito bowl to go and then eat it at home while watching Seinfeld re-runs.

And, in other embarrassing news, on my way home from Chipotle, a cute boy caught me smelling my armpits in my car. What have I become???


gamine said...

HA! The arm pit smelling seems like such a Seinfeld moment! Hilarious. I sometimes forget that people can see me through my car windows :)

Evan said...

Love the pit-smelling 'oops'!! I haven't LOL'ed like that in ages! ;)
Seriously, it was a Jeff-esque laugh out loud... the wife was startled.

Thank you for returning to the blogosphere

Ryan said...

toms diner 113th and Broadway

ginny said...

Hee! You tempted fate by smelling your pits in semi-public. Try it again and see if another cute one shows up.

Sara said...

You got me. I LOL'd at work.