Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday is a Special Day

My new favorite day of the week is Thursday. I've always had a special liking for Thursday, but today, it is officially my favorite day. This week I switched to working 4 10-hour days a week (rather than 5 8-hour days) and I get Thursdays off. "Wouldn't you prefer to have Friday?" you might ask. Yes, Friday would be nice...I've always dreamed of having a 3 day weekend every week (one day for getting stuff done, one day for playing, and one day for resting/worshiping). But, the reason I was able to get the compressed schedule is because we are having space issues at work. And the space issue is on Thursday, so that's the day I get off.

But, I'm not complaining! I think I might even like Thursday better than Friday. It's a day that very few people have off, so I can have lots of "me" time and plan my day however I want. If I decide to take a "long weekend" and go somewhere fun, I can actually leave on Wednesday night, get a 4 day weekend and only take one day off work. And now Friday is sort of an afterthought for I forgot I wasn't done and pop back in for the day before having another few days off (we'll see how I actually feel about that tomorrow).

So, for my first Thursday really was quite delightful. I got to play the housewife this morning and be at home when the Directv guy came (the dish is now in it's proper place, the homeowner's association can get off our backs, and we can record multiple shows at the same time - phew! Just in time for the debacle that would have been Grey's Anatomy vs. The Office tonight). While the Directv guy was here, I got loads of stuff done around the house (cleaning, laundry, budgeting, organizing) and then I went out and ran some errands, did some window shopping, talked with a girlfriend, and got a Jamba Juice (all of which are some of my favorite activities). Plus, the weather was amazing, bright and sunny with a little bit of fall in the air. Perfect for a day of driving around with the windows down and perusing the outdoor mall. It sort of made me look forward to the day when I get to be a real housewife! Of course then I'll have babies to look after and it won't be quite so peaceful and relaxing...nor so productive.

After I got all of my "business" done, I met up with some friends to celebrate little Gabe's 21st birthday at Fuji's (a Benihana like restaurant...fitting for a pre-office premiere activity, don't you think?). Gabe is my favorite new little friend. I call him little not because he's necessarily little in stature...I mean, who am I to talk? But he's just young, cute, surprisingly funny and has great taste in music. I'm not publically confessing a crush, he's just very endearing, like a little brother (though don't tell him I said that because I know it's like the kiss of death for guys). After the b-day dinner we all gathered back at my place for some cake (leisurely purchased while running errands today) and The Office Premiere (which was SO hilarious if you haven't seen it yet).

So, I was able to get a bunch of stuff done, have some fun with friends, and still get to bed at a reasonable hour (sort of). Andria pointed out that it's a perfect P-day (preparation day for all of you non-mo mos). I can use the day to get ready for Saturday (thus giving it it's special day status), it's relaxing, and I won't throw off my sleep schedule by staying up and partying all night since I have to be to work again the next day. Then I can spend all day Saturday playing and all day Sunday resting and doing church stuff. I'm so excited for the extra 10 consecutive hours I'll have in my life!! The possibilities abound!


gamine said...

I am SO jealous. I want Thursday off.

Anna said...

I have off from classes on Thursdays this term!! Even though it will be dedicated to art projects and tight deadlines but at my school...Thursdays are the best days off!!! And, I start Mondays at 1:00!!!